Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Roku Player Work?
There are three simple steps.  You first plug the device into your television using three color-coded plugs (red, yellow and white).  You then can connect the Roku to your home internet network. (You can plug it in directly or use guidance prompts to connect it wirelessly.) That’s it!  Now, you’re ready to sit back, relax and enjoy loads of entertainment on your TV.

steps for using the roku box


Do I need a special TV in order to use it?
television av plugsNo.  As long as you have a television with red, yellow and white colored plug holders in the back (or front), you can easily use the Roku player.

Have an HD TV?  If so, you can order the Roku HD player and stream HD quality programs to your television and maintain the high quality.


What can I do with the Roku streaming player?
You can stream lots of movies, TV shows, sporting events and more on your television.  The most popular content at this time is Netflix Instant Watch, Amazon Video, and Hulu Plus. 


Are there any additional fees?
No. Once you buy the Roku player, you don't have to pay any more fees to Roku to use it. If you are already a Netflix member, you can immediately start downloading movies from your Watch Instantly queue at no extra charge (Click here if you are not a Netflix member and would like to join Netflix.)
For Amazon Video on Demand, you pay for your movie selections as you order them and can sign up for it once you have your Roku box at home.

There is a lot of free content that comes with the player, so you do not have to pay for content if you don’t want to.


Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes. The Roku digital video player comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. If for some reason, you are not completely      satisfied with the player, you can return it for a full refund to Roku.  This guarantee comes with purchases that are made directly from the manufacturer website.  Click here to go directly to Roku’s website.


How much is shipping?
Roku offers FREE SHIPPING on it’s players.  For more details about this, please Visit the Roku Company Website for details.


Do I need any extra cords or special equipment to make it work?
No. Your Roku player will arrive with everything that you need to set it up and immediately use it at home. You'll receive the Roku digital video player, connector cables and remote control.  However, if you want to upgrade and buy superior quality connector cables, you can purchase them from Roku when you buy your player, but this isn’t necessary.


Is there a help line if I need more help?
Yes. Roku has a toll free help line if you have any questions or problems setting up your player. Also, Roku has set up instructional videos on its website to help with installation in case you have any problems.  Our experience, though, has shown that this isn’t necessary because the Roku box is very easy to setup and install.  But, if you want to make sure that help will be there if you need it, rest assured that it is.  You can call the company, live chat or email them at any time.


Are there plans to add more content?
Yes.  More Roku channels are being regularly added to the Roku channel lineup.  Also, existing channels like Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand are continuously adding more movies and TV shows to their Roku downloadable content.   The Roku player offerings will continue to grow over time, so you will have even more entertainment choices after you purchase your Roku box.





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